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Book Review | Jack’s on Fire, Owen Lach

Goodreads Blurb: What if you were a queer teenage musician outed by his vengeful ex-boyfriend and not a fairy tale princess trapped in a castle tower? What if your wicked stepmother was your ordinary, thoughtless, uncaring mother? What if your fairy godmother was your older brother? What if your Prince Charming was captain of the […]

Doctor Who by Series | Series 6 – 2011

Every time I watch Series 6 I forget until I am actually watching it just how ‘timey-wimey’ and convoluted it is. Not all of it, but enough to be confusing. There is also a lot of episodes to do with River Song which I think definitely contributes to that. In saying this, I thoroughly enjoyed […]

Book Review | The Syren’s Mutiny, Jessica. S. Taylor

Goodreads Blurb: “It’s frightful bad luck to have a woman aboard.” Brigid knew the superstition, but when her father tried to marry her off, she had no choice but to stowaway on a ship bound for Bhodheas. When she’s discovered and discarded, her fate seems sealed…until she’s saved by the ocean and its queen. Transformed […]

Doctor Who by Series | Series 5 – 2010

I remember being so nervous going into Series 5, I had adored Tennant’s run, and change is hard, but there was nothing that was going to stop me from loving this series. It took about 30 seconds of Matt Smith on screen for me to accept him as the Doctor, and from that moment on […]


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My name is Anna (they/them) and I am a queer, Melbourne based writer.

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Neil Gaiman

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