Project | Character Critiques

Characters in film and television not only carry the story with them but also are a way in for the audience. Thus, how the audience connects with the main, and in some cases secondary characters in film and television will indicate just how much they can gain from something they watch. This collection of posts will focus on critiquing film and television through an examination of their characters and how they are an ‘in’ for the audience. The name of this page ‘Character Critiques’ embodies what I hope to do within my writing for this assignment.

My blog page for this assignment is embedded within my own pre-existing writing blog. This is because I already write reviews for film and TV shows on this blog and I would like to keep the folio of all my writing in one place.

**This segment of my blog I have set up for my Screen Criticism class this semester. I’ll put links below to each post as I make them… Enjoy!

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