Project | 20/20 Hindsight

During 2020 the writing community YeahWrite ran a workshop where in Janurary of 2020 participants would write a piece of short fiction in whatever genre they would like, then for the rest of the year they would rewrite it according to a new prompt each month provided by YeahWrite. You can find a full description on their website, here.

Below are the links to the original piece, as well as the rewrites I did each month:

  • January – Write a story or essay in 1,000 words
  • February – Write the same piece in 100 words
  • March – Retain just 25 adjectives and adverbs from your original 1,000 word story
  • April – Write your story or essay using only dialogue
  • May – Write your story or essay from a different point of view
  • June – Write your story or essay in 2,000 words
  • July – Write your story or essay out of chronological order
  • August – Record your story or essay and transcribe it
  • September – Write your story or essay using a different voice
  • October – Write a poem using your story or essay as inspiration
  • November – Write a version of your story set in an alternate universe.
  • December – Write the final version of your story or essay in 1000 words.

This was an awesome project to participate in, though I was so out of it creatively by the end of 2020 I wasn’t able to finish the project. I am aiming to return to it this year.