Throwback Thursday (well sort of) – Nowhere Boy

As I usually do when I find a new actor or actress I like I usually try and find some other films they’ve been in, and after recently (or not so recently really) seeing The Maze Runner I have a new found obsession with watching films with Thomas Brodie-Sangster in. I first saw him in Nanny McPhee a rather long time ago, I loved that film when I was a kid, and still do! Then in Love Actually which is now one of my favourite films, and one which I watch quite regularly. His character in that was adorable, and I think his story within the film is one of my favourites along with the one with Colin Firth. I first watched these way before my real love of movies came about so I didn’t really think about the connection until much later. Now though, I rewatched both recently and couldn’t help ending up in a mix of tears and laughter as Nanny McPhee brought back some hilarious childhood memories, and Love Actually…well that always makes me cry!

Then last night I watched Nowhere Boy, a film about the teen years of John Lennon and his relationship with his mother and his aunt, and the formation of his first band. I absolutely loved it, Thomas Brodie-Sangster played the part of Paul McCartney. He only came in about a third of the way through, and what screen time he had I loved. The film as a whole is amazing! Truely! Before watching this I didn’t have much of an idea at all about John Lennon or the Beatles, though I love the band and their music.

I will definitely be watching this again! And have been recommending it to a lot of people – my sister at least twice much to her frustration! There is just something about movies based on real life events which I really love. This is a great film for The Beatles lovers and non Beatles lovers a like!

Thanks for reading!
Anna x


Throwback Thursday – 90’s ABC Kids Shows

A friend of mine shared this video on Facebook the other day and it almost brought me to tears with how many fun and loved memories came back to me. Though I was still rather young when these were playing, I remember them very well.These cartoons and shows my sister and I looked forward to these and used to watch them endlessly.

A lot of these, just from the first note of music I knew exactly what it was, such as the ABC Kids intro, Arthur and Bananas in Pajamas. Others I didn’t even know I knew them but somehow I can hum along to the tune and recognised them immediately, this goes for Funnybones and Magic Mountain. I recall absolutely loving these shows, and after seeing little snippets of them now it is incredible how much I really remember.

It really goes to show how much the mind can retain even though the thoughts and memories aren’t being visited and used every day. All it took was a tiny section or the theme of a show to bring back such happy memories I couldn’t remember I even had. This is Throwback Thursday at it’s very best, and it proves that you never truly forget the little things like that which made you happy when you were younger.

Which of those do you remember and are there any you’d like to add? I know I’d definitely add Play School, Pingu, Bear in the Big Blue House, Sesame Street and even though this one didn’t air in the 90’s The Upside Down Show!
Thanks for reading,
Anna x