Photo Challenge #78 – Blind

– Rebeca Cygnus

She saw the world as if through a veil
Just enough to guide her
But not enough to really see


But still
No sight

Walking in an unfamiliar world


One touch
A shimmering light
A whole new way to live

To see without seeing

She no longer walked alone.


I really love the image this week, really beautiful! I wrote this one for this weeks photo challenge at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie 🙂



Wordle #78 – The Puppeteer


Ain’t we quaint?
In this technicolor world
Just following the moon
Letting it guide our ways

So inept
We’re like a puppet
Without its puppeteer

The perfect torsion
To mold our Stygian lot

Stone cold drunk
On Razorwine
We don’t realise
The trouble we’re in

That it will grate away
Our freedom, just
To leave the sour truth

Nothing can end in silence

Only a rare soul
Can geminate
And rise again
To lead us a different way


I wrote this one for this weeks Wordle at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie 🙂 We are given twelve words and are asked to use 10 of them in a poem or story. I’ve bolded the ones I used, and ended up using them all this week.

Tale Weaver #26 – Inuksuk


I stand
Teetering on the edge
The fall
A never ending drop

I wobble
Breath catching
The earth
Gone for just a moment

Eyes closed
I must go before I turn
Arms outstretched
I lean into the open air


A feeling of warmth
Fingers entwined with my own

Arms holding me close
Beautiful, comforting words

I am grounded now
Here to stay

Thank you



Inspired by Mindlovemiserie’s Menagerie Tale Weaver prompt for this week.
Inuksuk: “something which acts for or performs the function of a person.”

Wordle #49 – Paper Tiger


A cool draught of words,
Harsh enough to curdle milk,
But leaving only a twinge of doubt,
To subtly stir the pot,
A bowl of plans, lies and deception.


It forged a partition,

To me:
A protection,
Far from any form of altruism.

For her:
A paper tiger,
She saw right through.

My last was of her visage,
Burning slowly away,
Leaving only a defunct,
And broken heart.


I’m trying another newly found writing challenge! 🙂 The lovely Rose Ketring introduced me to this one, you should go check out her gorgeous writing! It’s from Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie, another awesome writing blog, the prompt: Wordlethe words in bold are my choices of twelve I had to use in my poem or story 🙂

Far out, thisone took a definite sad and rather depressing turn. This seems to happen to me a lot…

Thanks for reading! 🙂