Finish that Thought #2-28 – Peace and Quiet

No one expects to watch the world implode, atoms splitting, time melting, but here I am. I’d like to be able to say it’s beautiful, and don’t get me wrong it is, but it’s so much more than that.

This isn’t just the world ending, it’s billions of years worth of evolution and development, love and heartbreak, trends, cults, fame, fortune and loss. So for it all to end just like that. It’s sad, it’s heartbreaking it leaves an empty hole.

Not just in space, the Milky Way, but my heart too. The earth was my home, I had a life, love and a family. Just one wrong move ends all that, and I get to watch it happen.

Not once, but twice.

AC/DC’s Highway to Hell jumped Sam out of his world and he scrabbled for his phone. He took a deep breath as he saw the callers name.

“Hi honey! How long was I this time?” Sam held his breath, long fingers drumming on the hard wood writing desk.

“Five hours!” His wife, Lila, growled humerously. “We were meant to have lunch!”

“Did! Left over Pad Thai!”

“Together!” Lila sighed.

Sam could see Lila’s face, his wife had probably just rolled her eyes. “Ahh…sorry dear…tomorrow maybe?”

“No now! Stop your writing, and come back to the house! I like your company Sam!” Lila sighed.

“I’ve had almost forty years of your company, a couple of hours won’t hurt…”

“Lunch, now!”

“It’s three o’clock!”

“Now Samuel Jones! Walk up to the kitchen from your man cave and eat lunch with me!”

“Okay…” Sam sighed, a weary smile on his face.

“I’ll see you in five!”

Hanging up the phone Sam chuckled, he shut his notebook and pocketed his phone.

“It would be a lot quieter at the end of the world, methinks.”

Thanks for reading,
Anna x

Flash Friday (Saturday) – Void


Follow me

The angel whispered
Luring me in with his song

I’ll guide you over
You don’t need them
They can’t help you any more

So follow me
I’ll grant you safe passage
There’s no way you can go wrong

His voice it was smooth
Like fine royal silks
His eyes
Morning’s new blue sky

His lips
They drew me in
Tempted me
Enticed me

Led me to believe a lie

All his promises
His voice of gods
His eyes of blue
His lips of purest red

All a lie

My eyes deceived me
Showed me what I wanted

But the truth?

Dark as the night
Cruel as lashes

I did follow him
And now it’s too late

I turned back though
Just for one moment

Nothing left of before
Nothing onwards either

Just deafening silence
And empty darkness
Without even those lie baring lips

The ones which had spoken
Under many false pretences

Just to bring me in


I didn’t finish this one in time to enter it but I thought I’d share anyway! Thanks for reading,
Anna x

Micro Bookends 1.13 – Dragon Fire #4 — A Wish for Freedom

General agreement between those who studied earth’s dragon population was that the dragons lived secretive lives in an underground system of tunnels.

As it was the humans who had driven them down there, the dragons wanted to keep it that way but Zalia would have none of that.

“How can you have lived like this all this time?” She remembered asking after she had gone up using one of the exit holes onto the road, and braved the outside world one night. “It’s so musty down here under the roads!”

Her dad had been so furious she’d gone top-side, he didn’t listen to her ‘we’d be happier out there’ theory.

Finish That Thought #2-27 – Difficult Questions

My response to Alissa Leonard’s, ‘Finish That Thought’ #2-27!

I’m not much of a hearts and flowers type, so it had me wondering what spell had been cast to make me feel so schmoopy. I looked up from my cold glass of coke, the condensation on the glass making my already damp palms even more so, she was serving another table but I could see her smile at the customer from where I was sitting. The smile didn’t seem to reach her eyes though, I wonder what’s wrong? Her smile was beautiful though, it matched the rest of her too, but not what mot would call beautiful. Her nose was probably a little small for her face, and her pale skin had a smattering of freckles which made her look younger than he really was. Despite her skin her exes were dark, adorned with think lashes, they matched her long thick black hair which was tied in a loose plait.

As I finished my drink I felt my heart begin to thump harder and faster in my chest. It was strange, there was no one else who made me feel this way, let alone enchant me to sit in this dingy little cafe after school every day. Under the pretence that I had a book to finish. I needed to say something to her, but she probably already had someone, or she didn’t swing my way at all.

It was the fact that I was practically head over heals for her, especially as I was never really one for liking someone this way, let alone falling in love, which gave me the feeling this was a good idea.

Praying that I wouldn’t mess this up. I waved her over, pretending to need another coke, even though I hadn’t finished the first. She smiled as she walked over, this time though, her smile reached her eyes.