Infinity Train

There’s something so beautiful
About fictional worlds.

Hours could pass
And you’d never know.
Caught up in lives
Which aren’t your own.

They embrace you,
Encase you,
Then reel you in,
So to capture your heart and soul.

Toying with your mind,
Baiting your senses,
Leaving you wanting more.

So close,
Yet so far.

It’s never quite enough
But somehow you feel content.

A whirlpool of foreign emotions;
You don’t think you should feel them
That you could feel them
But you do.

A plethora of stories.

A never ending source of love
Of comfort
Of hope
Because if they can keep going
You can do so too.

You follow their journeys
Join in them
Leave your reality behind.

It’s the simplest protection
Your very own save haven
And no one need know you’re there.

Film Review – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

the secret life of walter mitty

There was something about this film that made me a little wary that it could be a bit a of a flop. To say I was blown away is an understatement. Firstly there was the performance from Ben Stiller as Walter Mitty, I never truly liked him as an actor though maybe it was just the roles I’ve seen him in, however this film completely changed my view. He really managed to tap into my heart – and as cheesy as it sounds – showed me something about how trusting in myself and my instincts, thus pushing my boundaries can help me to grow as a person because of it.

The opening scene gives you an idea of what Mitty’s life is like, the stark white walls and complete silence show the normality in his life, also the concept that he tends to day dream, creating scenarios that bring excitement into his life. This goes on right up until he is really traveling and the wonder and beauty takes the place of his dreams. Starting with the loss of Negative 25 which was said to be the best of the photos sent for Time magazines last issue, brings Walter Mitty close to losing his job, thus he set’s out to find the photographer, using the three clearest Negatives as clues. The sub plot of his love for a coworker, could make his expedition an act to impress, but Stiller’s direction and acting makes Mitty’s journey much more proving to himself that he could do something with his life other than just develop photo’s.

Something which adds to the beauty of this film is the incredible scenery, wide shots of long sweeping landscapes, snow capped mountains and rolling seas. The gorgeous soundtrack which accompanies this film is just as inspiring as the film itself, and is one which I will buy and be listening to for quite a while.

In all honesty I am finding it difficult to get over how beautiful and inspiring The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was. It was sensational and basically I recommend you see this, I really do! I would most definitely see this movie again if given the chance.

Thanks for reading,
Anna x

Film Review – About Time


I went to see About Time with my mum, and yet again it was one that we saw where it happened to be just us in the cinema, it was beautiful! Basically, to me, this film gave me the feeling of being wrapped up in a warm blanket, with a hot mug of tea, mixed with the perfect amount of cringes for the awkward moments and happy tears, leaving me grinning when I left the cinema.

About Time follows the story of Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson), who is told at the age of 21 by his father (Bill Nighy), that – as all other males in their family have – he can travel in time and change what has happened in his own life, but only the past, he cannot see the future – or the future that any changes may cause. Disbelievingly he tries it, and when it works he decides to try and change his life for the better by getting a girlfriend – easier said than done.  It takes many first meetings, and much tweaking of his personal timeline before it finally works, and Mary (Rachael McAdams) finally falls in love with him, but from there another set of problems arise and only the use of time travel can fix those too.

Though this movie is quite slow to start, the performances from all the cast bring it to life, and give it a certain quirk which makes up for it. The character of Tim Lake has completely taken my heart, and is also a character I can relate too rather well, he’s awkward and a bit on the clumsy side, and has a habit of getting into sticky social situations – some of which made me cringe in sympathy for him. Though typically, mum seemed to know this before we’d even entered the cinema.

Bill Nighy was up to his usual antic, bringing a good amount of comedy to the film as well as a good dose of emotional scenes as well. Rachael McAdams however, as Mary, didn’t really get my attention until later in the film. Maybe it was just my decision after I’d seen both her and Gleeson’s character together on screen, that they were far to adorable as a couple? Or that her persona was a lot nicer after having met Tim… I’m not sure but what I do know is that by the end of the film I was grinning from ear to ear!

The soundtrack for this film is gorgeous, absolutely beautiful. I found myself humming along to Nick Cave’s Into My arms – a song which a haven’t heard in years. I am still listening to the other tracks, some which still make me tear up. All in all I loved this film and it definitely earned it’s place  as one of the best films I’ve seen in the past year. If you haven’t already, and you like a good feel-good movie, then this is the one for you. Otherwise get the soundtrack and listen, it is definitely worth it!

Thanks for reading,
Anna x