Ficlet: Bluebeard

Last uni semester our writing class was tasked with putting together a folio of writing tasks based off a series of prompts, a different one for each week with a limit of 200 words. The first one was to regenre the given Fairy Tail, Bluebeard, which was originally by Charles Perrault.

“He’s taken another one! That is five women now! Five!” Gray Jones slammed his clenched fist down on the desk. “We just can’t prove it.”

“Bluebeard is our cleverest killer yet.” Natasha Carter replied calmly. “…but we’ll get him, Gray, I know it.”

“…but how?” Gray’s dark eyes flashed dangerously, “we know it’s him killing all his wives. How have we not managed to prove this?”

“Bluebeard is good.”

“We need to be better!”

All of a sudden Gray straightened up. He pushed his dark fringe from his eyes with a triumphant grin. “We need someone on the inside.”

“Gray what are y-“ Nat frowned at the taller man. “No.”

“You know the case so well though! All you’d have to do is marry the guy…”

“He is horrid, and I’m a lesbian! He also murders his wives in case you hadn’t noticed.”

“Sorta noticed that, yeah.” Gray waited, but Nat still glared at him with her stony green gaze. “We’d be there the whole time.”

Nat raised an eyebrow.

“Trust me, I’d rather marry the guy myself then let him kill you too.”


“Nat I could kiss you!”

“Please don’t.” Nat smirked, “I’m getting married remember?”

Chimera 66 #6 – Common Sense

You all know the fairy-tale…

Of the witch hell bent on revenge.

She casts a curse,

So that the princess will prick her finger on a spinning wheel,

And fall into a deep sleep,

Until the handsome prince will come to wake her with true loves first kiss.

The damn princess could have had a choice in her first love if only she’d worn a thimble.


Yay! I found a new writing community! I’m really excited for this! 🙂 My prompt interpretation may not be seen as normal though…