It’s best to start at the end of the world.

Among the rubble and ice and fire,
Cities are crushed and children lay curled.

It’s best to start at the end of the world,
Where from ashes a Phoenix rises unfurled,
To nourish the land and people inspire.

It’s best to start at the end of the world,
Among the rubble, and ice, and fire.


Trying an unfamiliar form for this one, the Troilet, suggested by Yeah Write’s Poetry Slam. So I’m not 100% sure if I got it right but I’m happy with it, somewhat. It was difficult to work with but rather enjoyable all the same 🙂


He must walk this world alone;
Dark hair, dark eyes – much
Darker name we never speak.

He passes through unseen;
But still we know, as
We shiver in the warmth.

Doomed to be alone.
Stranger in the crowd,
Solitary one.

Just longing, to
Care for someone, not
To just exist.

Not long, there
He saw him, brighter
than the sun.

Wide eyed,
Or else enchanted
By him.



Who’s he?
And why so sad? He

Bright green eyes,
Soft pink hair, to match,
Widest smile.

To look upon,
Such loneliness, his
Aching heart broke.

I know you now. He
Who walks in shadows.
I’ll show you the light.

So at the last moment
He reached out, to take
Cold fingers in his own.

Death’s no longer alone, Life
Embraces him now.
They stay like that. Forever.

A Tale of Two Tails

I’ve heard many myths,
Many legends as well.
Only one that I’ve found,
Is a pleasure to tell.

A tale of two tails,
One of ice, one of fire.
But equal in passion,
Their forbidden desire.

Mermaids are secretive,
They stay on their side.
So in this painful way,
Their love was denied.

Their meeting was one,
Made purely by chance.
The monthly, high-tide,
In the sun and moon’s dance.

The cooler seas rose,
With a hiss and a splash,
To meet in the middle,
A lake of lava and ash.

Here came the moment,
Where green eyes found blue.
Young curiosity,
The rumours were true.

The Ice Ones exist!
Green Eyes exclaimed.
To only receive a glare,
Not a name.

Blue Eyes was cautious,
Oh the stories he’d heard.
The Fire Ones were different,
But that must be absurd?

He looks just like me?
Blue eyes thought with a frown.
I like his pink hair…
His voice has a nice sound.

They must have told lies,
He can’t be that bad.
Now that I’ve met him,
I can only feel glad.

Won’t you tell me your name?
Green Eyes spoke with a smile.
Well you’re already here,
Why not stay on a while?

Just call me Gray,
Blue Eyes said in return.
So what do I call you?
It must be your turn.

Natsu. Call me Natsu.
Came the bubbly reply.
A grin and a wink,
A sparkle in his eye.

Here though my tale,
It starts coming undone.
As the tides start to fall,
At the bright rising sun.

Will I see you again?
Intense gazes meet.
No words need be spoken,
Just a synced, calm heartbeat.

That should have been enough,
For their time was well out.
It was only their nature,
A sliver of doubt.

Another week passed,
That tide never did rise.
At least not how they needed,
Turning promises to lies?

It is true though,
That tide eventually rose.
They could finally lock hands,
They could float nose to nose.

They are happiest now,
When high-tide rolls around.
The time spent together,
Their bond most profound.


Tell me of a love so deep
He ran the rivers dry
Waiting just to see him
He over spent his time
Not knowing just how
Out of reach he really was

Tell me of the whispered word
Slow passing down the line
Of how without intention
He keeps him bottled
While he waited to see
But never knew his faults

Tell me how he heard
The news of what he did
Such pain
Amongst the longing
Not sure how he could cope

So now

Tell me the story
About how the Sun
Loved the Moon so much
He died every night
To let him breath

Tell me of the burning heat
Which only burns for him
To just relinquish its hold
When the time is right
And let him have his spell
A spot to cool the world

Tell me how he felt
Once he knew he could see him
If only just this once
A single moment
Burning bright meets shadow



There once was a man
Cursed with the dark.
There however was one
Who created his spark.

His guide in this world
His strength and his light.
They walked together
He lit up his night.

Then the unthinkable
Destiny split two ways.
The darkness got darker
The light began to fade.

The choicest of choices
Served up on a dish.
To save who you love
Or grant them their wish.

One way
There is no need to dwell.
The other
Makes you your own living hell.

The demon chose
He favoured his friend.
So carving his hell
He chose to kill E.N.D.

The darkest demon, he
Now walks on his own.
Without his one light
He is always alone.