Doctor Who by Series | Series 4 Specials – 2008-2010

I don’t wanna go.

Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who,
The Series 4 Specials E05
‘The End of Time – Part 2’

As a send off for a well loved portrayal of the Doctor, this one was rather epic! Too much? Maybe…but really, there is no such thing when it comes to Doctor Who. I remember watching most of these for the first time, some of which were probably watched on ABC2 catch up, but still, so good! I specifically remember watching the tail end of ‘The End of Time: Part 2’ after running from the car after a drive back from a family holiday, just in time to see David Tennant’s Doctor saying the iconic line of “I don’t wanna go.” and then him regenerating. I really just left my family to bring in the bags for the last ten minutes of Doctor Who, and I am ver appreciative of my parents graciousness that they allowed me that. I know that once it was over I did help, I may have just been a little emotional.

Episode 01: ‘The Next Doctor’

While this isn’t a favourite of mine in the collection of the 10th Doctor’s Christmas specials, it is still a fun episode none the less. A little bit crazy, a little bit Christmas-y. Plus the Cybermen, I find, are always a great choice in ememy for an episode. I really liked the story of this one, with a man who accidentally aquires the Doctor’s memories and thinks he is the Doctor, only for the real Doctor to stumble upon him and question why he thinks he’s the Doctor. My favourite thing about this episode I think was the hotair balloon TARDIS – such a cool idea! A very timely episode for the start of David Tennant’s exit series.

Episode 02: ‘Planet of the Dead’

This episode was a lot of fun! Clever idea, with a threat induced urgency, and some very strange aliens. A London bus that goes through a portal and ends up in an alien desert. Classic Doctor Who! I really like Christina de Souza as a one episode companion for the Doctor – she is smart, sassy, and she challenges the Doctor which is great! I loved the scene where the Doctor calms everyone down, and so motivates the stranded group, by asking where they were going. It’s the most Doctorish speech, I love it. Also we have the return of Unit in this episode, which I really love (especially that theme tune Murray Gold wrote for them – epic!). Also Malcolm – the Doctor’s biggest fan! Overall a great episode, very enjoyable!

Episode 03: ‘The Waters of Mars’

This episode freaked me out so much. The idea of infected alien water (even on a different planet) got to my head. The infected were so freaky! I think though, that this along with the ‘fixed moment in time’ plotline, where the Doctor knows how things go, made this episode so impactful. There is so much panic in this episode, and with a countdown of impending death, it is very well positioned in this series of five specials. This one made me so emotional too. The last few scenes on Mars just before the Doctor decides to go back and change time are the reason I find this episode so hard to rewatch. As usual though, the Doctor is in his element with the challenge of the countdown, but we see him take it to the next level, and quite honestly, it is a really intense scene. So while this episode is one I find difficult to rewatch, it is still a favourite of mine.

Episode 04/05: ‘The End of Time’

These episodes were completely mad, and I absolutely love them for it! Seriously, the Master splicing himself into every human on earth is the most chaotic, Master-y thing he could have done, and that’s just the first episode. Part two, brings Gallifrey to earth along with the Timelords and oh my is the whole series of events stressful. So much happens in the two episode, and I loved all of it (even the regeneration, no matter how many tears it brings on).

Even on a rewatch I find myself tearing up multiple times as through the main plot points of the episodes there are the most beautiful, heartfelt moments that I almost find difficult to watch. Every time I see Donna again, and the Doctor’s reaction to that I find myself in tears. I still miss Donna and her dynamic with the Doctor after all this time. However seeing Wild and the Doctor working together is so wonderful! Anything with them really are my favourite parts of the episode. That and the Doctor visiting all his old companions before he regenerates, always makes me so emotional.

Thank you for reading! I should have the Series 5 review up very soon! I lost it a bit with these as I have trouble rewatching these specials sometimes as they make me emotional, but I got there!

With the announcement of the release date for the Doctor Who special ‘The Power of the Doctor’, I now have a deadline for these. Which is wonderful for my motivation, as I would love to have finished my rewatch by the time that episode airs!

What were your picks for the above? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Doctor Who by Series | Series 2 – 2006

You can spend the rest of your life with me, but I can’t spend the rest of mine with you.
I have to live on. Alone. That’s the curse of the Time Lords.

Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who, S02E03 ‘School Reunion’

Like with Series 1, I think I only watched bits and pieces of Series 2 – either that or my memory is acting up. From what I remember, and from watching Series 2 back, I did really enjoy it but I wasn’t quite hooked yet. (I can assure you, this changed pretty quickly after this).

As David Tennant’s first series as the Doctor, this was a lot of fun! It continues with Rose (Billie Piper) as the Doctor’s companion, and keeps a similar tone. It also features more of Rose’s boyfriend Micky (Noel Clarke) and Jackie (Camille Coduri) Rose’s mum which I loved.

New Doctor’s First Episode: S02E00 ‘The Christmas Invasion’

As a new Doctor Who fan this was the first regeneration I’d watched and so for the most part (as I remember) I was just as confused watching it as both Rose and the Doctor this episode. Once I caught on though, I remember loving it! With my recent rewatch, I really enjoyed this Christmas Special. It was a little mad, a little far-fetched (in the best way possible), and had some great funny parts too. Sword fights on the surface of a space ship in PJs!? Iconic! Ten’s whole speech after he woke up with the steam from the tea was great, and I think the moment he really felt like the Doctor for me.

I think this episode wonderfully introduced David Tennant as the Doctor with just enough humour amongst the high stakes on Christmas Day. It also set a wonderful precedent for Doctor Who’s whacky Christmas Specials (some of my favourite episodes each series).

Favourite Episode: S02E4 ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’

I really loved the concept for this episode – different parts of a woman’s life all accessible through time portals on a spaceship. Plus there’s a horse on said spaceship! I think one of my favourite parts of this episode aside from the plot line is the gorgeous costuming and the music composed for this episode. It is all beautiful, especially when the episode jumps back and forth between the 51st century space-ship and 18th century France.

The clockwork droids were such fun as the ‘alien’ for the episode – they managed to be beautiful and creepy at the same time. I remember not being able to quite get the ticking noise out of my head for days after that first watch. Also the mad logic they were following interesting to figure out.

Scariest Episode: S02E05/06 ‘Rise of the Cyberman’/’The Age of Steel’

Oh man. The Cybermen, as a concept, I think, are amongst the most scary of the Doctor Who adversaries. They are also one of the most heartbreaking. Their twisted ambition to ‘upgrade’ humanity in this episode I remember finding so disturbing, but it made for a really scary and exciting episode.

Additionally with this episode, it introduced the concept of parallel worlds. Which I think is another reason that this two part episode is one of the ones I found scariest this series. I love the concept of parallel worlds, but the slight changes portrayed sent my brain spiralling. It also added to the tension of the two parter. As did the music! I can’t hear the Cybermen theme without getting chills.

Most Emotional Episode: S02E03 ‘School Reunion’

There are a lot of episodes in series 2 that made me emotional, but there was something in this one that really got to me. (My second choice for this category would have been the Series 2 final two episodes, but I write about those separately, so here I am). Looking back, I do find it strange that this episode made me so emotional – and it is a really testament to the actors and how they delivered the episode that I teared up so much. I say this as my first introduction to Doctor Who was in 2005, so I only knew about Sarah-Jane through the odd Classic Who episodes I borrowed from the the Library or DVD rental places.

This episode though, had me crying over a past companion I hadn’t really got to know, and K-9, a tin dog I didn’t realise the significance of until later. There was something so beautiful about seeing a character come back to the show (even though I wasn’t overly familiar). Rewatching it now, I think it is possible I was getting emotional over the history this show holds as much as any of the more emotional lines in the episode.

Series Final: S02E12/13 ‘Army of Ghosts’/’Doomsday’

Well, where do I even start with this series final? It is a stressful and emotional roller coaster of a two part series which never fails to make me cry. At the same time though it is funny, exciting, and has a good mystery/twist to it. I love how tense the episodes are, and how that tensions builds to breaking point near the end of the episode. Especially with such a heart crushing conclusion.

I think my favourite thing about it would have to be the Dalek vs Cyberman stand off at the beginning of the second episode, a humorous break before the emotional roller coaster which is the rest of it. Though in general, having these two big-bads in the the episode really made for an epic final two episodes for this series.

Thank you for reading! I have now finally worked out a schedule for these, and they will be posted fortnightly on the Sunday.

What were your picks for the above? I’d love to know your thoughts!