20/20 Hindsight | April – Aine

“I can’t wait to get out of this stupid, tight-“

“Gorgeous dress. That Lakree Pearl trimming is lovely my friend.”

“You did insist on me using it Aine, so thanks. But it’s not as beautiful as your suit. You must’ve sewn it from the fabric of space itself.”

“Really Zahli? You know that even I have nothing near to that much talent.”


“If you really do not believe me, I will accept that, but you should at least let me help you show off the shimmer on that dress. Do you care to dance?”

“Care to what?”

“Dance, Zahli, dance. Before one of these handsome men that have their gaze on you sweeps you away from me.”

“No one is sweeping me anywhere, plus they’re all looking at you.”

“So dance with me then.”

“Uh, well, yes. Sweep me away.”

“We do not sweep, we glide.”

“This doesn’t feel like gliding, this feels like me stumbling after your graceful steps.”

“Then let me guide you. Just listen. When you dance with someone you make your own world. Now with everyone in their own world, no one will hear us talk.”

“Makes sense.”

“I know why your father threw this party, and I know that you are against the whole idea. So, Zahli, instead of marrying someone who might not make you happy, why not run away with someone who you know will.”

“Wha- what are you saying?”

“I am asking you to run away with me.”

“You are?”

“I am. I brought my own space-craft tonight. We can leave right now. That is, if you wanted to.”

“Of course I want to. You and your irresistible face make me a hell of a lot happier than those snooty rich guys ever could.”

“In that case, my love, let us run.”

Aine is pronounced ‘AWN-ya’
Lakree is pronounced ‘LACK-ree
Zahli is pronounced ‘ZAHL-ee’

This was written for the 2020 Hindsight project with the April prompt to re-write January’s 1000 word piece using only dialogue.

You can find January’s piece here!

This was way too much fun, I usually feel like I have too much dialogue in my writing, so this was fun to play around with. It was a nice challenge though trying to convey certain tone and expression without dialogue tags.