20/20 Hindsight | April – Aine

“I can’t wait to get out of this stupid, tight-“

“Gorgeous dress. That Lakree Pearl trimming is lovely my friend.”

“You did insist on me using it Aine, so thanks. But it’s not as beautiful as your suit. You must’ve sewn it from the fabric of space itself.”

“Really Zahli? You know that even I have nothing near to that much talent.”


“If you really do not believe me, I will accept that, but you should at least let me help you show off the shimmer on that dress. Do you care to dance?”

“Care to what?”

“Dance, Zahli, dance. Before one of these handsome men that have their gaze on you sweeps you away from me.”

“No one is sweeping me anywhere, plus they’re all looking at you.”

“So dance with me then.”

“Uh, well, yes. Sweep me away.”

“We do not sweep, we glide.”

“This doesn’t feel like gliding, this feels like me stumbling after your graceful steps.”

“Then let me guide you. Just listen. When you dance with someone you make your own world. Now with everyone in their own world, no one will hear us talk.”

“Makes sense.”

“I know why your father threw this party, and I know that you are against the whole idea. So, Zahli, instead of marrying someone who might not make you happy, why not run away with someone who you know will.”

“Wha- what are you saying?”

“I am asking you to run away with me.”

“You are?”

“I am. I brought my own space-craft tonight. We can leave right now. That is, if you wanted to.”

“Of course I want to. You and your irresistible face make me a hell of a lot happier than those snooty rich guys ever could.”

“In that case, my love, let us run.”

Aine is pronounced ‘AWN-ya’
Lakree is pronounced ‘LACK-ree
Zahli is pronounced ‘ZAHL-ee’

This was written for the 2020 Hindsight project with the April prompt to re-write January’s 1000 word piece using only dialogue.

You can find January’s piece here!

This was way too much fun, I usually feel like I have too much dialogue in my writing, so this was fun to play around with. It was a nice challenge though trying to convey certain tone and expression without dialogue tags.

20/20 Hindsight | March – Aine

The dress I’m wearing is far too tight in all the wrong places. I’m dumpy with next to no waist. This does not do well in ladies’ high fashion these days. You would have thought that the earth colonies wouldn’t have reverted back to the clothing of the 1800’s yet here we are.

The hall has been fitted out to mirror that of an old earth period dance hall. The wallpaper stretches to the ceiling from which hangs a chandelier. It would be almost believable, if it weren’t for the glass ceiling which is stretched out above us. A glass ceiling looking out into space. The darkness beyond is spotted with stars and distant planets, all surrounded by swirling galaxies of planets, rubble, and space dust.

I can always think up an excuse to find myself at a party, especially one with an intergalactic guest list such as this. There is just one problem with this one. As the eldest daughter of the leader of this galaxy sector, I am expected to marry outside of our sector et cetera, et cetera, soon too. Soon being tonight, but that is the last thing on my to do list (if it is there at all). The need for women to marry well, or to marry at all is archaic, I think so anyway.

I consider running (always a suitable option), but I haven’t even had a drink yet, or a dance. That’s when I spot Aine through the crowd and all thoughts of running disappear from my mind.

Aine looks stunning, as usual. Their midnight blue suit looks like it has been sewn from the fabric of space itself, and I am in no doubt of this being true. The Lakree are beyond talented when it comes to being a seamstress. I notice the galaxy over their heart is the same purple of their eyes. Something which I’m sure is intentional.

My own dress is a deep red. No stars or galaxies here, but the trimming does shimmer. This is thanks to Aine, of course. They sewed the trimming on for me. I’d been rifling through their box of offcuts and took a fancy to the trim.

We stand off to the side of the party, near the refreshments table. The table itself runs along one side of the grand ball room. Beside me, Aine’s gaze flits around the crowded room, but they never move from their position next to me. There is no doubt in my mind of what for.

“Can’t you relax?” I don’t mean for my words to sound so harsh.

“I am relaxed.” The lie seems to roll easily off their tongue.

“You’re looking for someone…”

“Almost.” Aine replies in a tone that clearly says, ‘I’m plotting something’. “I’m scouting out the quality of possible partners for you.”

I can’t help but sigh. Knew it. “My dad put you up to this didn’t he?”

“Sure did,” Aine smiles apologetically. “This is just for show though.” They then whisper, gesturing to their eyes with the hand not holding the glass of champagne.

“Oh?” The sound is out off my mouth before I can stop it.

“I have a different plan, if you’ll come with me.” Aine’s smile brightens the already well lit room. When they look at me it is as if the room just slips away.

“There are plenty of handsome men who have noticed you.” Aine continues.

“Don’t lie to me!” I gasp dramatically. “They’re all looking at you.” And I don’t blame them. Not when it comes to Aine.

Aine rolls their eyes. “Slander,” they joke, a chuckle leaving their lips.

I smile, and take a sip of my champagne as I gaze around the room.

“Dance with me.” Aine asks as though dancing is the easiest thing in the world. For me it is not.

I splutter a yes as they lead me to the centre of the dance floor. Once my steps are synced with Aine’s I can’t help but feel like I’m just as graceful as they are. We spin in time with the music, weaving in and out of the other dancers with ease.

Aine draws me closer in time with the beat to whisper, “I thought it would be easier to talk like this.” They spin me out and pull me back in close.

“Uh huh.”

“When you dance with someone you make your own world. No one will hear us talk here.”

“I see.” I reply with a smile.

“Zahli,” Aine begins. They miss a step and stumble, but I steady them easily and lead us on.


“I want to ask you to run away with me.”

My breath catches in my throat.


“Tonight, I brought my own space-craft, we can leave right now if you want to.” Aine’s deep purple eyes never leave my own.

“Is that you asking me?”

“Is that you saying yes?” They mirror my question, a knowing smile on their face.

“If you’re asking, then yes, more than anything else in the world, yes!”

“In that case,” Aine pulls me in to brush a light kiss to my cheek, “I am asking.”

Aine takes my hand again as the song finishes and we run from the crowded dance hall to a realm of endless possibilities.

Aine is pronounced ‘AWN-ya’
Lakree is pronounced ‘LACK-ree
Zahli is pronounced ‘ZAHL-ee’

This was written for the 2020 Hindsight project with the March prompt to re-write January’s 1000 word piece using a maximum of 25 descriptors.

You can find January’s piece here!

This was harder than it looked, and if I’m honest I probably missed some, but it was a fun (and somewhat frustrating) exercise 🙂

20/20 Hindsight | February – Aine

Aine looks stunning as usual. I spot them through the knot of suitors my father has picked out for me to choose from. I think the whole ‘marrying off your daughter’ thing is archaic, both he and Aine know it.

Aine joins me as I awkwardly watch the crowd, so I am happily relieved when they ask me to dance.

They lean in close to whisper carefully, “Run away with me Zahli.”

My breath catches, but my smile is wide. “Of course, yes!”

Aiene brushes a tender kiss to my cheek before taking my hand to lead me from the hall.

Aine is pronounced ‘AWN-ya’
Zahli is pronounced ‘ZAHL-ee’

This was written for the 2020 Hindsight project with the February prompt to re-write January’s 1000 word piece in 100 words.

You can find January’s piece here!

Damn this was hard, but a lot of fun! 🙂

YeahWrite Fiction|Poetry #458 – Time Traveller

I wonder
What I would say
To my younger self

I could lie
What is false hope
From a face
Just recognisable
But not quite my own

I wonder
If just maybe
I could help her
Find me

I am much better now
Not much more
But enough

And better
Could be enough
For her to hope

I wonder
If I told her then
What I become
That I would not
Become me
At all

I would erase
All that I could become
All that should be
Just to help her

Should better be enough
For now
I wonder
Is that same better
Enough for later

Will I soon ponder
This same question
Will I deliberate
On whether much better
Would be enough
For Me to hope

Will I meet them
To unravel a future
I should not yet know

I wonder
Could I rely
Time and time again
On knowing better
Can be better still

Could that be hope?

For now
For then
For later

Written for this weeks YeahWrite Fiction | Poetry grid, I have played around with the optional technique available based on a poem by William Carlos Williams.
It was interesting playing around with that form, I am happy enough with what happened though…

Wordle #164 – The Cheat

Those who hold a pen
Can shape a world

A runaway
In a strawberry field
Or a cluster of aging trees

They’ll cheat destiny
To craft the perfect world
A perfect lie
For you

They’ll capture you,
With just the lightest touch
Or from the widest range

Swivel round
Dear friend
Before it is too late

Lest I find you
And broken
Beyond belief

How can’t you see them?

The Mythomane
As they twist and hold
Your soul

Written for this week’s Wordle over at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie. An interesting bunch of words this week but I am pretty proud that I managed to use them all.