Book Launch and Poetry Reading | Best of Australian Poems 2022

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending the book launch and poetry reading for the anthology ‘Best of Australian Poems 2022’. This is the second in it’s series, an anthology from the national poetry organisation Australian Poetry (AP) that celebrates Australian poets and their poetry.

…Best of Australian Poems 2022 strives to bring together 100 of Australia’s most poignant, original, and challenging works…

Best of Australian Poems 2022, Jeanie Leane and Judith Beveridge (ed.) – Foreword, pg. V

The night was an absolute delight to attend, and was an example of how wonderful the creative minds of Australian poets can be. Several of the poets chosen in the anthology were selected to read their featured poem. There was such a wide range of poetry forms read throughout the evening, and all poems were engaging and thought provoking.

I ended up purchasing both the collections for 2021 and 2022 and I am really looking forward to being able to take the time to read through them both over the weekend. So expect a possible post about them in more detail soon. From what I heard on Tuesday night, these will be very enlightening reads.

Collectively the poetry in this book tells an important part of Australia’s story.

Best of Australian Poems 2022, Jeanie Leane and Judith Beveridge (ed.) – Foreword, pg. IX

With the quality of Australian poets and poetry displayed on Tuesday evening, I will certainly be attending the book launch for the next anthology from Australian Poetry.

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