News | Publication Day!

I am so excited to announce that both the eBook and physical copies of my debut poetry collection ‘Hearts, Cages, and other Locked Boxes’ are available for purchase from today!

Hearts, Cages, and other Locked Boxes is a collection of poems exploring the self, the mind, queerness, and love.

You can find the eBook at most online retailers. Click here and choose the one you usually read eBooks from.

Click here to order the paperback.

Find it on Goodreads here

One thought on “News | Publication Day!

  1. Hi Anna-that is very exciting. I’m trying to order some copies without having to set up an account with Amazon. Maybe I need to consult my IT Department AKA Eloise. And we’re going out to dinner tonight so I won’t be able to attend your launch party-but we will raise our gasses to you. xxxxDine

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