Book Review | The Wingman, A. Poland

Goodreads Blurb:

Nathan, a college student with a thing for funky hats and a definite not-thing for the great outdoors, has been a wingman extraordinaire for his lifelong best friend Lorcan for as long as either can remember. With his innate ability to talk endlessly about how great Lorcan is to anyone who’ll listen, Nathan has always been the best man for the job—even if he’s secretly waiting for the day when Lorcan will realize that Nathan is the only guy for him.

But then, Lorcan sets his sights on Miles, the suave, leather-jacket-wearing musician with a love of mountaineering and a family of six overprotective sisters, and Nathan must once again put his wingman skills to work.

Trouble is, Nathan is getting tired of the old routine, and Miles is the only human being on the planet immune to Lorcan’s charm. Not to mention that Miles’s interest is immediately piqued by the outspoken and completely oblivious wingman.

My Thoughts:

It’s been a while since I read an entire book in a day, but this one I did. It is testament to how quickly I became invested in these character’s stories, and how much I loved this book as a whole that I managed it.

This was such a fun read! It was wonderfully comedic, but was heartfelt and honest when it needed to be. Plus, this book probably had my favourite use of the love triangle. I am usually not a love triangle fan, but this was done in such a way that it didn’t feel as toxic and possessive as a love triangle usually does to me (though there was definitely a little possessiveness there from one of the triangle points).

I loved almost all the characters, they were all really nicely fleshed out, and felt real to me. Lorcan – our main character’s best friend – acted in ways that made it quite difficult to like him completely, but to me, he redeemed himself enough by the end of the novel. So I can’t completely dislike him. All round, even the characters that didn’t appear much were memorable, and in some cases, I was hoping to see them a little more. Ben, Nathan’s dad was probably my favourite aside from Nathan or Miles. He was really understanding, and his relationship with Nathan was great. I love a solid parent/child relationship in fiction.

I think my favourite part about this novel as a whole was the narration. Nathan as the POV (Point of View) character had me laughing out loud in places. Plus, he was so oblivious a lot of the time, that I was telling him “Honestly Nathan, can’t you see what’s happening…”. Plus his inner dialogues were all very amusing.

I definitely recommend this to lovers of LGBTQ+ romance fiction, especially if you’re a fan of rom-coms with just the right amount of cheesy-ness!

Thank you to NetGalley and NineStar Press who sent me this free eARC (eAdvanced Reader Copy) in exchange for an honest review. This title was published 26th July 2021, and you can find it at and Barnes & Noble.

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