20/20 Hindsight | February – Aine

Aine looks stunning as usual. I spot them through the knot of suitors my father has picked out for me to choose from. I think the whole ‘marrying off your daughter’ thing is archaic, both he and Aine know it.

Aine joins me as I awkwardly watch the crowd, so I am happily relieved when they ask me to dance.

They lean in close to whisper carefully, “Run away with me Zahli.”

My breath catches, but my smile is wide. “Of course, yes!”

Aiene brushes a tender kiss to my cheek before taking my hand to lead me from the hall.

Aine is pronounced ‘AWN-ya’
Zahli is pronounced ‘ZAHL-ee’

This was written for the 2020 Hindsight project with the February prompt to re-write January’s 1000 word piece in 100 words.

You can find January’s piece here!

Damn this was hard, but a lot of fun! 🙂

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