YeahWrite Fiction|Poetry #458 – Time Traveller

I wonder
What I would say
To my younger self

I could lie
What is false hope
From a face
Just recognisable
But not quite my own

I wonder
If just maybe
I could help her
Find me

I am much better now
Not much more
But enough

And better
Could be enough
For her to hope

I wonder
If I told her then
What I become
That I would not
Become me
At all

I would erase
All that I could become
All that should be
Just to help her

Should better be enough
For now
I wonder
Is that same better
Enough for later

Will I soon ponder
This same question
Will I deliberate
On whether much better
Would be enough
For Me to hope

Will I meet them
To unravel a future
I should not yet know

I wonder
Could I rely
Time and time again
On knowing better
Can be better still

Could that be hope?

For now
For then
For later

Written for this weeks YeahWrite Fiction | Poetry grid, I have played around with the optional technique available based on a poem by William Carlos Williams.
It was interesting playing around with that form, I am happy enough with what happened though…

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