Ficlet: ‘Up-Side Down Narrative’

For a different subject from the last posts we had to write 300 word pieces based on different prompts. The first was to write one of our favourite childhood stories as an ‘Up-Side Down’ narrative. This meant that we had to take any aspect of it and change it so it was the opposite to the original. I chose Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll to change.

I’m sure you’ve heard the story of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, you have probably also heard that I inspired the story a family friend wrote. This is partially true. Yes, he did write it, but I told him the story you all know so well, I spun it from perfectly ordinary happenings to keep him from bothering me further.

You won’t be surprised I still fell down that damn rabbit hole. I remember, I ruined my dress. That little white rabbit definitely did NOT speak and the pocket watch – one of my fathers’ I think – was tangled around one of its legs. That’s why I chased the thing; father in one of his moods is never good.

Anyway, down I fell and hit my head and that is where the similarities stop.

There was a glass of milk and a slice of very dry cake which I tasted and decided it was not to my liking. There was no growing in any direction and absolutely no tears. They would have been helpful though seeing as they would have saved me the walk.

Along the way I came across a group having tea at a very long table, they were singing the most horrendously out of tune version of that rhyme about the stars. The dormouse was somehow asleep despite the noise, it quite surprised me. The hatter, the hare, and the dormouse definitely had no idea how to host a tea party, and they most certainly were not mad. I moved on from there as quickly as possible, their singing irking me all the way.

The Cheshire Cat wasn’t grinning at all, in truth, it glared at me, it’s piercing gaze followed me all through the forest. It was a short time later when I came to twin girls rudely blocking my path. Infuriatingly they talked in unison, and what was worse, they harmonised in their rhymes. I cannot stand rhyme

The cards were chess pieces, and they were doing anything but painting the roses red. Reading, sleeping, laughing – you name it. This was because the Queen of Diamonds was so sickeningly polite!

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