Ficlet: Sports Report

Last uni semester our writing class was tasked with putting together a folio of writing tasks based off a series of prompts, a different one for each week. The prompt for this week was to write a 200 word sports report for any ‘backyard sport’ you played in your childhood.

If you thought that the game of Spotlight was a fun and somewhat safe game…think again! On Friday night the Lindfield Scout Group were playing an innocent game of Spotlight on the oval at one of their late night Scout meetings when the friendly game turned foul. For those who don’t really know the game, when Scouts play Spotlight you have a number of people who are ‘in’ who all have torches and the aim is to find the rest of the people playing. When found the person then has to walk to the side of the field and stay ‘out’ until the next round. Eye witnesses say that in this particular game, Krieger (who was ‘in’ at the time) crashed into Rodgers who was making her way to the side of the oval as she was already out. Though there was apparently no ill intent, the angle and force in which Krieger crushed her, caused Rodgers to break her leg. Reports say both bones in the leg were broken along with making a deep crack in the growth plate. Rodgers will be out of action for at least the next 8 weeks. She acknowledges that the accident was not Krieger’s fault.

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