Ficlet: Monologue

Last uni semester our writing class was tasked with putting together a folio of writing tasks based off a series of prompts, a different one for each week. Another prompt was to write a 200 word monologue on any topic we chose and from any character’s point of view.

Do you ever just want to scream? Scream so loud because there is no way things like this can still be happening in films but they do. Again, and again, and again. The same old story. The boy saves the day. The boy gets the girl. How about this: the girl saves the day, or the girl gets the girl, or better yet…there is no side love story at all. Just women kicking ass and saving the day without needing tight leather suits or sad backstories. For once can the token lesbian character in the film series or television show not be built up in an awesome story, as an awesome character only to be killed off for effect? For once can the main female character not die in her lover’s arms for no reason other than to further the main male’s development and move the plot along? Give us powerful females, black females, lesbians, trans girls, large females, strong females, anything but these women who exist solely to benefit the male characters in the story. We are better than that. Women have more to offer than just a supporting role in a story which has been told so many times before. We do.

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