Infinity Train

There’s something so beautiful
About fictional worlds.

Hours could pass
And you’d never know.
Caught up in lives
Which aren’t your own.

They embrace you,
Encase you,
Then reel you in,
So to capture your heart and soul.

Toying with your mind,
Baiting your senses,
Leaving you wanting more.

So close,
Yet so far.

It’s never quite enough
But somehow you feel content.

A whirlpool of foreign emotions;
You don’t think you should feel them
That you could feel them
But you do.

A plethora of stories.

A never ending source of love
Of comfort
Of hope
Because if they can keep going
You can do so too.

You follow their journeys
Join in them
Leave your reality behind.

It’s the simplest protection
Your very own save haven
And no one need know you’re there.

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