Microstory #235 – Too hot!

“It’s too bloody hot…” She groaned.

“That doesn’t mean you need to strip!” Her friend giggled.

“It’s still too hot!”

“Isn’t there anything else you could do!?”

“I can’t exactly take off a layer of skin to cool down! Or can I?”


10 thoughts on “Microstory #235 – Too hot!

  1. LOL, I am going through that lately. I hate to think it is “mental-pause” kicking in…Lord am I THAT old??? What sucks is I probably am and it probably is the first throes of menopause. We haven’t covered our air conditioners yet, so yeah, I have got my air conditioner on and its like 40 degrees outside. It is literally snowing in my bedroom and I am just happy as a clam. 🙂

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