For You? Anything.

To quote another older sibling;
Caring is not an advantage.

I’m sorry,
but I’d have to disagree.

It may not directly help you,
But your care will help another,
And that should make it worth it in the end.

I’d bottle it all up.

A bubbling, boiling cage of emotion.
Of self-hatred.
Of sharp harsh words.

Telling me that I should do more.
That I could be worth something,
But that I wasn’t.

Telling me I had failed.
That what little I had done,
It had all been for nil.

The voice in my head,
It played havoc with my thoughts.
Twisted any words of help or encouragement.

Every last one.

Until I had nothing to offer,
But the bitter truth.
That I had lost that battle with myself.

I’d endure that all for you.
To keep you safe.
To keep you happy.

So yes,
I disagree.

Caring is an advantage.

Not always for yourself,
But always for the ones you love.


This one was inspired by/written from my response to Natalie Bowers’ #lastlinefirst prompt, to have a look at my response to that click here 🙂 (It may not have been approved yet but it will be there eventually I hope…)

I was quoting Mycroft Holmes from BBC’s Sherlock.

I am also linking this to the Moonshine grid on #yeahwrite 🙂

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