Weekend Coffee Share

weekend coffee share

Tomorrow to fresh woods, and pastures new.
John Milton  1608-74  English Poet

Hello! I hope you all have had a great week! I sure have – there are a number of things which happened and to say I am a little overwhelmed is an understatement. However I am overwhelmed in the best way, mixed with excitement, which is always the best in a daunting and new situation. 🙂

So first off I just finished my first week at university! I couldn’t be happier right now, though I know that soon enough I will probably be drowning in a concoction of stress and exhaustion, at the moment I am over the moon, and loving the learning! I’ve chosen well in the Bachelor of Arts, I hope to major in English and Psychology next year, but am also doing History and Sociology as electives. I have a heap of reading to do but I love it. And I have a good feeling that I can do this part of my education right, that I can prove to myself that I can do well. This blog should be proof enough, I’ve found something I love, and now I can add uni to that list. No matter what comes of this degree and what happens in the next three years, I have a feeling that I won’t regret any of it!

You hear that, uni education!?

Bring. It. On! *cracks knuckles menacingly*

Something else I’d like to share this weekend, I got a job yesterday! 🙂 After almost a month of looking I got a call on Friday from the local Thai restaurant asking me to come for a trial run 🙂 Everything went smoothly last night so I now have the job! Yay! It’s my first job in a restaurant, however I have worked before at Bakers Delight 🙂 I was rather stressed at first but calmed down eventually and it turned out I rather enjoyed it!

Last I have to say that tomorrow I will have been living out of home for exactly a month! Eeeep! It’s a strange feeling but I do really enjoy it, and part of me is telling me I shouldn’t – but I do. I miss having my family around, my crazy sisters, seriously!! It is really quiet without them, but the space is good. Plus I moved into a place with a really close friend of mine, and it is seriously the best, I honestly don’t think I could have done this whole moving and transition thing smoothly without her, or at least as happily and confidently. Especially being quite far from home (five hours by car, seven by train), even though my mum does live in the area, it still would have been ten times stranger without moving here with my friend. Thank you Maggie!! 🙂

Anywho, that was pretty much my week! 🙂 How was yours? Did you start anything new? I hope you have a great week! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Dear Anna, We are receiving some amazing poems from you- all of which make me think about life ,communication, honesty and perhaps above all youth! All of which is good I know. Congratulations on a wonderful way hat you have found to express yourself. I am very pleased that you have been offered a job, and I know that you will enjoy meeting people, making them feel welcome and serving delicious Thai food to them Congratulations. What did we do last week? well, first of all I can tell you that it flew by! Did we do anything new? Well, Grandad did. Towards the end of the evening at a Restaurant in Forster with our Wine and Dine group, he said to me that he was goin g to sing a song.I was shocked as he had never done anything like this before! Up he went to the microphone and sang ‘Show me the way to go home” which you may not know, but everyone joined in heartily and applauded as we all left! As for me, I have started a Living Longer, Living Stronger class at the local YMCA- very gentle exercises but a good idea for me after the fall> We also posted off Grandad’s book ” Salty Socks” and there is a copy for you when next we meet! I sent one to Evelyn as I thought she was rather a long way away from Albury. I am just delighted to hear that you are relishing your University course and no doubt finding it very stimulating. Exciting times indeed. So pleased that you ahve such an ideal place to live with your friend to keep an eye on you and no doubt you on her. Keep up with your course reading as well as you can is my only advice, because once you fall behind it becomes difficult to catch up. Make a timeline and stick to it!!! Much love from the oldies Granny and Grandad.


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