Wordle #49 – Paper Tiger


A cool draught of words,
Harsh enough to curdle milk,
But leaving only a twinge of doubt,
To subtly stir the pot,
A bowl of plans, lies and deception.


It forged a partition,

To me:
A protection,
Far from any form of altruism.

For her:
A paper tiger,
She saw right through.

My last was of her visage,
Burning slowly away,
Leaving only a defunct,
And broken heart.


I’m trying another newly found writing challenge! 🙂 The lovely Rose Ketring introduced me to this one, you should go check out her gorgeous writing! It’s from Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie, another awesome writing blog, the prompt: Wordlethe words in bold are my choices of twelve I had to use in my poem or story 🙂

Far out, thisone took a definite sad and rather depressing turn. This seems to happen to me a lot…

Thanks for reading! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Wordle #49 – Paper Tiger

  1. Welcome to MLMM Anna what a privilege to have you! Your poem is extraordinary, you used the words so naturally and it wasn’t the easiet batch of words to work with (coming from the one who made it lol) but you did a beautiful job, deep emotional write

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