Finish That Thought #2-27 – Difficult Questions

My response to Alissa Leonard’s, ‘Finish That Thought’ #2-27!

I’m not much of a hearts and flowers type, so it had me wondering what spell had been cast to make me feel so schmoopy. I looked up from my cold glass of coke, the condensation on the glass making my already damp palms even more so, she was serving another table but I could see her smile at the customer from where I was sitting. The smile didn’t seem to reach her eyes though, I wonder what’s wrong? Her smile was beautiful though, it matched the rest of her too, but not what mot would call beautiful. Her nose was probably a little small for her face, and her pale skin had a smattering of freckles which made her look younger than he really was. Despite her skin her exes were dark, adorned with think lashes, they matched her long thick black hair which was tied in a loose plait.

As I finished my drink I felt my heart begin to thump harder and faster in my chest. It was strange, there was no one else who made me feel this way, let alone enchant me to sit in this dingy little cafe after school every day. Under the pretence that I had a book to finish. I needed to say something to her, but she probably already had someone, or she didn’t swing my way at all.

It was the fact that I was practically head over heals for her, especially as I was never really one for liking someone this way, let alone falling in love, which gave me the feeling this was a good idea.

Praying that I wouldn’t mess this up. I waved her over, pretending to need another coke, even though I hadn’t finished the first. She smiled as she walked over, this time though, her smile reached her eyes.

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