Monday at the Movies – The Great Gatsby


Before I went to see The Great Gatsby I had heard mixed views on how good it actually was. Some said that it was long winded and boring – a mere show of lights and costumes; while others were raving about it and claiming it to be a true and good interpretation of the novel. I was a little worried that these differing opinions would taint my judgement of the film…

…I could never have been so wrong!

Once I was sitting in the cinema and the opening credits had started, there was no thought given to those other opinions, and in truth it was an absolutely beautiful film.

(Please note here, dear reader, that I had – at this point at least – despite my strict ‘book before film’ policy, not read Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. A fact that I have since rectified, and am very glad to have done so!)

A story of love, class and an unfailing hope that is told through the eyes of, Toby McGuire’s character Nick Cassaway, a wall street marketer who moves in next to Leonardo Di DiCaprio’s character of J. Gatsby, the working class man turned millionaire, all for the love of his life – Daisy Buchanan. Nick is thrown head first into Gatsby’s world of parties, money and extravagance, also sometimes as a sort of wing-man for Gatsby; Nick’s connection to Daisy vital to why Gatsby is like he is.

What I find most fascinating about the story Nick narrates, is the fabulous and almost impossible parties that Gatsby holds at his mansion, all in the hope that Daisy may turn up to one. It is this which I think the film did very well is the lavishness of the lights show, costumes and all round beauty in these scenes.

The soundtrack itself adds a huge amount to the atmosphere in the cinema, with new and some classic songs remixed to suit the era. Thus giving it an effective twist that familiarises and draws the audience into the film.

I recommend The Great Gatsby to any lover of the original book, though they could not have put in every detail I believe that they have done a beautiful job. I think this film works for a range of ages, though not too young, and anyone who likes a fun and entertaining film with a strong element of drama. Personally I absolutely loved it and I would happily watch it again!

Thanks for reading,
Anna x

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