Flash! Friday (Saturday) – Naughty or Nice?

This is my response to Rebekah Postupak’s Flash! Friday Challenge for this week.

Wanted: Santa Claus. CC artwork by Kevin Dooley.
Wanted: Santa Claus. CC artwork by Kevin Dooley.

“Santa, this isn’t a party here.” PC Jones sighed with frustration, “there is no need to dance for your mug-shot.”

“Yes,” Santa replied with a grin, still with his left foot pointed and arms in the air, “but seeing as you insist on doing this every time officer I may as well make it fun for me!” He moved for his side photo.

Jones rolled his eyes, “if you stopped pranking us we wouldn’t have to keep taking you in.”

“It’s only a bit of fun!” Santa giggled as the light flashed for his second photo, “I did no harm!”

Jones raised an eyebrow, “You painted the outside of the police station red and green!”

“Bricks just really aren’t that festive!” He retorted, his grin widening.

“How though? You’re not even four inches tall!”

“I’m Santa Clause, and I have a job to do! Merry Christmas to you!” With that he clicked his fingers and disappeared leaving a shower of glitter to rain down on PC Jones.

Merry Christmas, and thanks for reading!
Anna x

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