Micro Bookends – Dragon Fire #2 — Wings

So Zalia is back in my response to Micro Bookends Weekly Challenge 1.11!

Photo Credit: Helium Paper and Party
Photo Credit: Helium Paper and Party

Rating different creatures on their development on photo day was something teachers did each year, and was something which Zalia had always loathed. This was mainly on account of her under developed wings, which had made her skill set close to that of a plastic dinosaur in the teachers eyes.

Her wings now were something to be envied. Though still a little small, they made up for it with their vibrant colours. An autumn rainbow of reds, oranges, yellows, golds and browns.

Despite her wings’ major improvement, the taunting had increased her natural dragon like moodiness down the track. Something which Zalia hated with a dark passion, along with the overly thoughrough, school record system.

Thank you for reading!
Anna x

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