Three Things Thursday – More Festiveness, and also the Grinch!

Okay so first things first. (Though technically it’s tomorrows news) One of my best friends is getting back from her eleven month gap year trip, and I am probably far too excited, but there you go. I missed her heaps!! I’m waking up early early to meet her at the airport, then my friends and I are having a dinner that night with her where we will possibly hand out our Secret Santa presents. We started it a few years ago and it’s a lot of fun.We put a lot of effort into our choices, plus the presents are never really too serious which is great!

So last night I watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas for the first time with my dad, sister and stepsisters – I absolutely loved it! It was hilarious and Jim Carrey as the Grinch could somehow be creepy and funny at the same time. I think it definitely tops as one of my favourite Christmas movies along with Love Actually and The Holiday! I’ll chuck a trailer in here because why not and I love it…plus it’s nearly Christmas!

So at number two this week: I spent the whole of yesterday clearing out my room! And boy in really needed it – for some reason I seem to hoard rubbish and also clothes which no longer fit me. Plus I’m sorta moving out next year, so the less I have to move the better. My room, the insides of my chest of draws Eugene, plus the small wardrobe which before was a messy sight, are all cleared and organised so I can actually find things. Yay!

What’s the third thing you ask? More smile worthy coffee art! Yes, we found Casper in my coffee, well I say ‘found’, dad has fun making faces and it just turned out to be Casper! How awesome is that!!?



What’s made your week great and smile worthy!?
One week til Christmas!!
Anna x

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