Micro Bookends – Dragon Fire #1

My response to Micro Bookends Weekly Challenge 1.10. I’ll continue on with Zalia’s character each week on Fridays 🙂 just for something a bit different!

Photo Credit: Alessandro Valli
Photo Credit: Alessandro Valli

Explosive, that was the word they’d used to describe her mood swings. To Zalia, this sounded like utter nonsense, the word had negative connotations, and to her the mood swings were perfectly natural. Especially as she was of dragon descent.

Zalia was slight and feisty, adorned with hazel eyes and a chocolate brown pixie cut, plus, she loved to bake. Baking of any sort calmed her – anything to keep her intense emotions at bay.

On this particular Friday though, even baking couldn’t subdue her frustration. Thus she found herself sitting on the floor, muttering repeatedly to herself, “it’s not a disorder. It’s not a disorder. It’s not a disorder.”

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!
Anna x

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