Three Things Thursday – Festive Edition!

*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy* ~Nerd in the Brain

Sooo, December again! That festive time of year with snow woolly jumpers, beanies and scarves wrapped around your neck so many times it doesn’t look like you have any neck at all. Well, unless you live in Australia! For us it’s all pools, fans, sunburn and as little clothing as possible without being nude… anywho, one thing though that we have in common – Christmas tree’s!!

So basically as we are so close to Christmas my three things are trees, tree things and one not so tree thing…but it made me smile!

So first our Christmas tree 🙂 Doing my sisters and I spent the night doing this and we were all really happy with it! It’s a little miss-matched and we couldn’t find the lights but we love it! 🙂


Okay  so one of my sisters and I went into town to do some Christmas shopping and we absolutely fell in love with some decorations. Me, I couldn’t keep a straight face when I found ‘Grumpy Owl’. To me he looks to be a cross between completely done, grumpy and kinda sad. I couldn’t not add him to the collection! 🙂 (From left to right: ‘Grumpy Owl’, me, my sister Ev! [you should go check out her blog by the way!])

My dad made me this coffee this morning! With the words “Your coffee is smiling! Smile!” And it definitely did make me smile, yummm, it was a beautiful coffee too!

What made you smile this week!?
Thank you for reading, and have a good week!
Anna x

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