TDP Weekly Challenge – Countdown

My response to The Daily Post‘s Weekly Writing ChallengeCountdown.

“‘Tis the season for suspense-building lists. ”


–:–__ – Why is it so dark?

–:–__ – “Hello? HELLO!” I call out, my voice echoing slightly.

–:–__ – Why do I have to be alone here? 

–:–__ – …and where the hell am I anyway?

–:–__ – Great! I have my phone… I could feel it in my pocket, taking it out, the light from the screen left me momentarily blinded.

12:06am – Blinking sight back into my eyes, my gaze quickly focuses on the top left of the screen

12:06am – …but there’s no reception. “Shit.” I mutter, that echoes too.

12:07am – It’s now that I notice the constant sound of movement somewhere in the darkness.

12:10am – At least you can know the time now. The voice in my head sounds a little sarcastic. That’s no good. I’m only sarcastic when I’m scared.

12:11am – Using the light from my phone I focused more on my surroundings.

12:11am – I really wish I hadn’t.

12:12am – Out of the dimly lit gloom I could see millions of pairs of eyes.

12:12am – Glowing.

12:12am – Staring.

12:12am – Staring at me.

–:–__ – I screamed.

–:–__ – Where’d that scream come from?

–:–__ – No matter how shocked or scared I am, I’m not usually a screamer.

–:–__ – It’s dark again. I hadn’t registered the lights had gone out till now. I must have locked the phone when I screamed. A fear reflex.

12:15am – Phone light back on. I much prefer the lights out to be honest. I can’t see the eyes then.

12:16am – Flipping my phone to face me again I watch as the battery bar flicks over to glow red.

12:16am – “Shit!”

12:16am – My breath starts coming in sharp, short pants.

12:16am – It’s like I’m rooted to the spot.

12:16am – Why the hell can’t I just stand up and run?

12:17am – I just need to clear my head…stay calm.

12:17am – No shit Sherlock!

12:17am – Shut up!

12:18am – The eyes are getting closer.

12:18am – …and closer

12:18am – My breaths are no longer calm.

12:18am – They’re rasping.

12:18am – Uneven.

12:18am – My head starts spinning.

12:19am – Then the phone turns off.

–:–__ – My eyes snap shut.

–:–__ – Moments pass.

–:–__ – It could have been seconds.

–:–__ – It could have been minutes.

–:–__ – A scratching sound cuts through the silence.

–:–__ – Like fingernails on a chalk board.

–:–__ – I feel hot breath on my face.

–:–__ – “HELP!”

–:–__ – “Somebody…please.”

–:–__ – Help.

–:–__ – .


Okay, so that ended up being a lot more creepy and dark than I originally planned…that seems to happen quite a bit actually…

Thanks for reading,
Anna x

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