Book Review: Is It Just Me, Miranda Hart

is it just me

Goodreads Blurb:

Well hello to you dear browser. Now I have your attention it would be rude if I didn’t tell you a little about my literary feast. So, here is the thing: is it just me or does anyone else find that adulthood offers no refuge from the unexpected horrors, peculiar lack of physical coordination and sometimes unexplained nudity, that accompanied childhood and adolescence?
Does everybody struggle with the hazards that accompany, say, sitting elegantly on a bar stool; using chopsticks; pretending to understand the bank crisis; pedicures – surely it’s plain wrong for a stranger to fondle your feet? Or is it just me?
I am proud to say I have a wealth of awkward experiences – from school days to life as an office temp – and here I offer my 18-year-old self (and I hope you too dear reader) some much needed caution and guidance on how to navigate life’s rocky path.
Because frankly where is the manual? The much needed manual to life. Well, fret not, for this is my attempt at one and let’s call it, because it’s fun, a Miran-ual. I thank you.

My Thoughts:

I’m not usually one to read autobiographies, so I was a little unsure of whether or not I would enjoy this but from the first line I was hooked and knew the book would be an amazing read. However I could never have known how much, in a literal sense, this novel and also Miranda Hart would change my life: Miranda Hart is my hero.

Absolutely hilarious, with an insight into her life from her younger self, or ‘little Miranda’ as she calls her, gives the writing an entertaining twist. One of the funniest novels I have read in a long while; and when I got to the end I was left wanting more because ‘Is It Just Me?’ isn’t just a story about Miranda’s life and achievements, it is a help and a motivation for women to look at who they are and feel content.

And this is where Miranda is the perfect role model for young girls, because basically she isn’t perfect, well no one is, but to me she is the image of what I hope to be. She is crazy, clumsy and has a habit of getting into embarrassing situations which I can relate to…very much so! But she doesn’t let societies view of perfection get her down, and I love her for that.

So I recommend this to anyone who wants not just a good laugh, but also a read that will lift you and your ability to see good in yourself up. After reading this my mum noticed a change in the way that I talked about myself and the way that I acted around other people. I was more relaxed and didn’t seem to mind whenever I tripped over something, and I have also, and please don’t judge me, but I have started apologising to inanimate objects after tripping over them. I am very sure that they appreciate that though!

Thanks for dropping by and happy reading! Such fun!
Anna x

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