Throwback Thursday (well sort of) – Nowhere Boy

As I usually do when I find a new actor or actress I like I usually try and find some other films they’ve been in, and after recently (or not so recently really) seeing The Maze Runner I have a new found obsession with watching films with Thomas Brodie-Sangster in. I first saw him in Nanny McPhee a rather long time ago, I loved that film when I was a kid, and still do! Then in Love Actually which is now one of my favourite films, and one which I watch quite regularly. His character in that was adorable, and I think his story within the film is one of my favourites along with the one with Colin Firth. I first watched these way before my real love of movies came about so I didn’t really think about the connection until much later. Now though, I rewatched both recently and couldn’t help ending up in a mix of tears and laughter as Nanny McPhee brought back some hilarious childhood memories, and Love Actually…well that always makes me cry!

Then last night I watched Nowhere Boy, a film about the teen years of John Lennon and his relationship with his mother and his aunt, and the formation of his first band. I absolutely loved it, Thomas Brodie-Sangster played the part of Paul McCartney. He only came in about a third of the way through, and what screen time he had I loved. The film as a whole is amazing! Truely! Before watching this I didn’t have much of an idea at all about John Lennon or the Beatles, though I love the band and their music.

I will definitely be watching this again! And have been recommending it to a lot of people – my sister at least twice much to her frustration! There is just something about movies based on real life events which I really love. This is a great film for The Beatles lovers and non Beatles lovers a like!

Thanks for reading!
Anna x


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