Ghost in the Night

So the other night, well at two that morning, I got up to go to the loo, and by this time there is only a tiny little glowing night light which does shit all at the ultimate darkness time. Everything was fine in my dazed and sleepy state until I was walking back to my room and I saw the shadow of a tall, spiky haired man in front of me partially in the door way out of the corridor from the toilet.

Instead of doing the normal thing one does when they find an apparent intruder ie. turning and running, I reached out a hand to check if he was real, I stroked my fingers down for a moment and thinking I felt something there I for some silly reason I ran through the intruder, and through the doorway  – scared witless – down the corridor and back to my bed.

So that’s the story of how I, for some reason, reached out to stroke the face of an apparent intruder. An intruder which just happened to be my own shadow…

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